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Why work with Josh Levy at Levy Informatics?

Reliability. Whether Josh is designing a system to integrate hundreds of ‘omics experiments into a triple store, automating interview transcript coding using machine learning, providing key analysis for a microbiome paper, or working with public heath officials to create disease definitions for automated querying, he makes things work. 

Client Focus. Josh understands the science above and beyond the numbers, helping him to communicate effectively with clients and translate needs into designs. He values being clear, transparent and setting realistic expectations. He also understands that if you can’t tell a good story, nobody cares what you did or how you did it.

Expertise. Josh brings 25+ years of experience analyzing data in the context of systems biology (mammalian, plant and microbial). He has architected and implemented systems for knowledge management and curation. His broad experience with programming, scripting, statistical languages, and object-oriented programming have made him language agnostic. Josh has worked with diverse databases across vendors, including graph and relational. He is GCP certified and knows how to handle data to protect privacy.

02 Testimonials


I have been a client of Josh's for over a year, and we worked together about a decade at the same company.

I could not make a stronger endorsement


(1) He is a skilled programmer and analyst. In fact, he was a major contributor to one of the coolest discoveries I've been privy to.

(2) He's capable of (and clearly enjoys) finding ways of solving problems he's never seen before.  

(3) He's also incredibly efficient and was often resourced on projects that were tricky, nebulous, and required a fast turnaround time.


Lastly, I consider him as much a friend as a colleague -- he's affable, patient, and is unanimously liked -- a true delight to work with. 

Renée Deehan

VP, Computational Biology & Translational Informatics

Global CRO

03 RECENT Experience

2022 - PRESENT

Association of State and Territorial Health Officials

Partnering with Thought Bridge, LLC to use syndromic surveillance to identify people with who have disabilities that make them high-risk during public health emergencies

2022 - PRESENT

Lonza AG

Optimizing biomolecule production through biostatistics and bioinformatics

2022 - PRESENT

Ionis Pharmaceuticals

Using statistical genetics to better target therapies to the right patients

2021 - 2022

Synthetic Biology Company

Helping them to grow their capacity though cloud infrastructure and informatics services. 

2021 - PRESENT

US Government Agency

Helping to up-skill the nation’s public health professionals through data science coaching for teams of state and territorial epidemiologists.

2020 - PRESENT

COVID Tracking Map (Link)

With bioinformaticist Brian Duckworth, PhD, developing multi-statistic state and county level interactive map.

2019 - 2022

Global CRO

Helping them to fulfill their most difficult and time-sensitive projects through infrastructure development, ‘omics workflows and automation, public data incorporation (including TCGA and Expression Atlas), and biostatistical analysis for client projects. 

2019 - 2020

US Government Agency

Enabled state analysis of Narcan (naloxone) administration outcomes through probabilistic linkage of hospital emergency medical records with EMS records. Disseminated methods through educational materials, and training of state epidemiologists. 


Patients Like Me

Enabled their use of genotype data by developing a GWAS / candidate gene analysis pipeline, and integrating the results into their knowledge base.




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